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Pentecost and Baptism

May 27, 2012, The Rev Doyt Conn preaching

Catholic Church and the Girl Scouts. And given the speed at which the church moves I don’t imagine this is going to change any time soon.

But turning on a dime has never been one of the churches strong points, and this reality is highlighted, I think, by the language used in the Baptism service we are participating in today.
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Spiritual and Religious

May 20, 2012, The Rev Doyt Conn preaching

There is a bit of controversy going on over the Girl Scouts. It seems the Roman Catholic Church is concerned that they are undermining the morality and decency of America. Now I’ve known a few Girl Scouts and still, but even so, I was stunned when I heard the Roman Church chose the Girl Scouts as a target of investigation. Really? Who thought that was a good idea? They might as well be investigating nuns…

As I watch this ridiculous folly unfold I wonder what all of our non-religious friends are saying about this event. Probably something like, “this is why I consider myself spiritual, but not religious.” In the shadow of the Roman Church’s misguided display, I can understand why someone would want to duck behind this culturally popular moniker: I’m spiritual not religious. Read more

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