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Blessing in the Storm

June 24, 2012, The Rev Kate Wesch preaching

In a world of specialties and advanced degrees,
it’s easy to defer to the “experts” on all manner of topics –
from medicine to child rearing, to public safety and technology.
Why, just this past week,
I heard a story on NPR about the two people
killed by grizzly bears last year at Yellowstone National Park.
After 25 years incident free,
it seems people have become complacent about the bears.

According to the report,
“Park officials say visitors sometimes take safety for granted,
in part because they’re used to visiting zoos and amusement parks,
where nature is much, much more controlled.
So Yellowstone is trying to get the word out about bear safety.”

Yellowstone spokesperson, Al Nash warns,
“I fear that some visitors believe that if things were dangerous,
we, the National Park Service, would somehow control it.
That’s not the case.” Read more

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Jumping Off Point

June 17, 2012, The Rev Doyt Conn preaching

Let me reread for you the text I want to consider this morning. It comes from Paul’s 2nd Letter to the Corinthians; the second part of verse 11 in chapter 5, it reads: “we ourselves are well known by God, and I hope that we are also well acquainted with our own conscience.”

Thomas Merton writes,

“You cannot tell me who I am and I cannot tell you who you are. But if you do not know your own identity you probably don’t have one.” (para: p> xii No Man Is An Island) I would further add: if there is no one to hear the rumination of our conscience, are we even conscious at all?

Desmond Tutu says it like this: “A person is not a person without other people.”
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The Color Purple

June 10, 2012, The Rev Doyt Conn preaching

In the movie The Color Purple Shug and her friend Celie are walking through a field of purple cosmos. Shug is saying, “But more than anything God loves admiration.” Celie responds, “so, you’re saying God is vain?” “No, no, not vain,” Shug laughs,“just wanting to share a good thing.” She continues, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.” Celie responds, “So you’re just saying God wants to be loved like it says in the bible. “Yah, silly,” Shug replies, “everyone wants to be loved.” Read more

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Trinity Sunday

June 3, 2012, The Rev Kate Wesch preaching

At my house, we’ve been reading a lot of Curious George books lately. You know, the children’s series about George the monkey and his friend, the man with the yellow hat. My one and a half year old daughter loves them. Her current favorite is entitled, “Happy Easter, Curious George.” Read more

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The Amen Corner

Brownbox Theatre in association with Liberation United Church of Christ is proud to announce its participation in Project1VOICE –, joining 25 theatre companies across the country in nationally staged readings of The Amen Corner by James Baldwin.
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