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Independence Day

July 8, 2012, The Rev Kate Wesch preaching

This Sunday is when church and state collide. While we typically separate feelings of nationalism and faith, this is one Sunday that these two aspects of our community, our citizenship and our faith-affiliation, come together.

So, why talk about the nation at church? Why observe Independence Day in the pulpit?

The opening collect prays that all people of the earth are made for God’s glory with the intention of serving God in freedom and in peace. We are, all of us, God’s creation, placed on this earth with the opportunity to serve God. In some cultures and nations, this service towards God is easier or more problematic than in other places. Whether we live in a country governed by ideals of freedom and enterprise or restrictions and policies, we have the capacity to serve God. However, our method of going about serving God may differ dramatically.
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Patience Found in Faith, Hope, and Love

July 1, 2012, The Rev Doyt Conn preaching

A lot of questions come to mind when I hear this mornings Gospel.

I wonder how Jesus knew the woman touched his robe? I wonder why Jesus made such a big deal out of it, particularly when he was on his way to attend to a dying girl. I wonder why the woman with the hemorrhage was so afraid? I wonder about the power difference between the head of the synagogue and the outcast woman? Both of whom fell at Jesus’ feet. I wonder why Jesus made the woman’s secret healing public, and yet sought to keep the public healing of the young girl secret?

I wonder where God was in this story? And I wonder where I would be or who I would be had I been there that day?

Knowing our bible is about more than knowing the stories, it’s about knowing where we are in these stories.
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