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“Do Not Doubt, But Believe”

April 27, 2014, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

Last Sunday, on Easter Sunday, Doyt preached about doubt. He poached my gospel reading on doubting Thomas. Sounds like an odd topic for the Day of the Resurrection, but it wasn’t. Read more

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April 20, 2014, The Rev Doyt Conn

Doubt comes to my mind today, as I consider Mary Magdalene. I wonder what was running through her head as she went back to tell the disciples what she had experienced. I am sure some doubt was present. Read more

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The Great Vigil

April 19, 2014, The Rev. Doyt Conn preaching

Prayers, fire, thanksgiving, stories, birth, water, a small meal, death, they all come together on this most holy night and are given meaning by the Resurrection. It is the next step in the process, in the evolution. Resurrection is the new thing. It is not resuscitation; it is transformation into an eternal form. The Great Vigil of Easter gathers up all that is old; all that is foundational and fundamental and rolls it together and marks it as God’s own forever. Tonight we celebrate the new fire, the new light, the new insight that Jesus gives us. We are drawn into Resurrection. It makes everything else make sense.

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Good Friday

April 18, 2014, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

When we chase away the darkness, we miss out on opportunities to experience God and God’s creation in a myriad of ways. Our streetlights rob us of seeing the stars. Our screens keep us from engaging one another. Our constant stream of lights trailing before and behind us, inhibit us from even noticing God in the dark places of our lives. Tonight is a night for darkness. In these hours between now and Easter, I invite you to step into the darkness. Let it surround and envelop you. And while you are there, pray; listen and pray. Read more

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Maundy Thursday

April 17, 2014, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

How do you know a Christian when you see one? When you meet someone at your child’s school, at a new job, or in your book group, how do they know you are a Christian before you even tell them? Upon meeting someone new in Seattle, you probably don’t lead with a testimonial or invite them to church….that comes later, if at all. It is likely that you don’t even reveal that you are a church goer until you know them quite well. So, how do they know? Read more

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Epiphany Welcomes You!

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey you have a place at Epiphany is what we believe. That means many things to many people. Your spiritual journey may include coming to terms with a loss. It may be gaining more … Read more

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