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A Parable Is an Earworm

July 27, 2014, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

Today’s gospel feels like a riddle. In twenty short verses, we have six parables within parables. It is a nesting box of metaphors and similes for the kingdom of heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed, yeast, treasure, a merchant, a net, and the master of a household. Take your pick; find an image that works for you. In his book The Parables of the Kingdom, C.H. Dodd wrote: “At its simplest, a parable is a metaphor or simile, drawn from nature or the common life, arresting the hearer by its vividness or strangeness, and leaving the mind in sufficient doubt about its precise application to tease it into active thought.” A parable is an earworm. Read more

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Building Update for July 21, 2014

Dear Epiphany, The Building Team, John Nesholm, and Tom Foster met with Martin Pasi, our organ builder. We discussed the design and saw the layout of the new organ in the Chapel. The team is scheduling meetings with leadership from … Read more

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Groaning and Hoping

July 20, 2014, Charissa Bradstreet preaching

A few weeks ago Doyt preached on suffering and how our experience of suffering is greatly shaped by the soundness of our souls at the time when suffering arrives. So, how do we promote soundness of soul so that when suffering comes it is not experienced as useless, but in fact becomes a period in which hope and faith increase? Read more

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How to Receive Gifts

July 13, 2014, The Rev. Doyt Conn preaching

Today’s sermon is about gifts and how we receive them. We might think it is easy. “Yeah, thanks for the gift.” And maybe it is, but I can’t help wondering: with so much universal access to whatever we want, whenever we want it, the way we want it, have we lost sight of the blessing of how to receive a gift and the way in which gifts magnify our souls? Read more

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