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How Do You Experience God?

October 19, 2014, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

Perhaps some of you have had a knock-down, cataclysmic conversion experience that turned your life upside down, but that’s not the norm. It doesn’t happen just because we want it to, or because we will it to. God doesn’t work that way. God’s communication with us isn’t for our entertainment; it’s for our souls. I’m willing to bet that someone here today has had God speak to them. Some of you have encountered God in a real, almost tangible way. Some of you think that sounds crazy. I believe that God still speaks to us. God sends angels. They may not be dressed in white with a halo and wings, but they are angels none the less. And yet, these sorts of direct experiences of God are the exception, not the rule. Read more

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Halloween Drive Deadline

Date: Sunday, October 26 Location: bins in the Church Halloween is nearly upon us! This year, we are collecting candy, pumpkins, carving kits, costumes, and other fun Halloween-themed items for the kids at the YWCA. Drop your donations in the … Read more