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Advent Day of Quiet

11 am–5 pm (campus-wide) In Advent we celebrate with quiet, waiting for the Light who is to come. While December is so crazy (usually), it’s lovely to carve out a window of time to stay in the true (and non-commercial!) spirit of the season. Read more


November 16 is the day we set aside for the ingathering of the 2015 Epiphany pledges. It is our intention that on this day all parishioners’ pledges will have been made and with this information we can firmly set our budget for 2015. Read more

The Stewardship of Souls

November 9, 2014, Holly Boone preaching

“I bet you think I’m going to talk about the m-word, money. Maybe the people who stayed home this morning thought I was going to talk about the m-word, too. Apparently people, especially Episcopalians, hate talking about that word. So let’s talk about something else, something more important. Let’s talk about souls and how we care for them at Epiphany.” Read more

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Worship Review Focus Group 6

In order to allow plenty of time for planning services that will begin once construction is complete, we’ve are now inviting you to participate in focus groups for your further input on worship. Various dates and times are scheduled. Read more