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Weekly Word for January 30, 2015

– The Three Ps: Doyt’s Sabbatical Plan
– What Is Candlemas?
– Bishop Rickel’s Super Bowl Challenge
– A Preview of a Special Evening
– An Update from the Building Team
– Parish Prayer List
– Sunday Lectionary Corner Read more

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Really Real Moments and Small Groups

January 25, 2015, The Rev. Doyt L. Conn preaching

I’d like you to consider today a moment in time when your life made perfect sense: a time when it all came together, when you felt alive and useful and connected, and there was purpose not just in what you were doing, but who you were being. Think of a time like that. I call these Really Real Moments. Read more

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Easter Sunday Services

7:30, 8:45, 11 am (Church) Holy Week concludes with the greatest feast of the Christian year, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. With unbridled festivity, we pull out all the stops in our liturgy and music. Read more