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The Miracle of Sharing

July 26, 2015, Emily Linderman preaching

“The feeding of a multitude is told six times in the Gospels—twice in Mark and Matthew, and once each in Luke and John. Long before the Last Supper, Jesus was taking, blessing, breaking, and sharing bread with his disciples and the crowds that followed him. This Gospel story is said to be a miracle or a sign and it’s a miracle or a sign that can be interpreted in many ways. I’m compelled by the interpretations that suggest the feeding of the multitude, the stories of loaves and fishes, are miracles of sharing.” Read more

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Safeguarding God’s Children

10 am (Christie House LIbrary) Safeguarding God’s Children is a training program for the Episcopal Church designed by the Church Pension Group to make our churches as safe as possible for our children and youth and those who work with them. Read more

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SPARK at Plymouth UCC

Noon (Plymouth UCC) SPARK, Plymouth’s new “spiritual Ted Talk-style” series, welcomes jazz guitarist Michael Powers and speaker Tali Hairston, Director of the Perkins Center at SPU. Read more