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Sacred Objects

July 19, 2015, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

Jesus, the incarnation of God in flesh, teaches us that God’s presence isn’t in the object, it’s merely a symbol, but it can be a powerful one. Read more

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Selwyn College Choir in Seattle

7:30 pm (Plymouth Congregational UCC) Selwyn is one of many choirs in the Cambridge system of 31 colleges, and it has distinguished itself by 15 acclaimed commercial recordings and international tours. The choir is directed by Sarah MacDonald, the first woman to hold such a post in over 800 years. Read more

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Grace Is Sufficient

July 5, 2015, Holly Boone preaching

God doesn’t ask us to be strong and perfect and whole as the world understands strength, perfection and wholeness. God asks us only to love him and to love our neighbors. We need only to seek God and allow him to be with us in our weakness. For everything else, it is a relief to remember: “My grace is sufficient.” Read more

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