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Islam, Jesus, and Empathy

September 13, 2015, The Rev. Doyt L. Conn, Jr., preaching

“When I saw on the news the other day, that man running across a field in Hungary, carrying his child and getting tripped by a camera woman, I remembered Jesus. I don’t know if he was Muslim or not, but it doesn’t matter. He was a person, personal, and incarnational, and a resident of the kingdom of heaven. All I know was that he was vulnerable. I remembered Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well, the Syrophoenician woman in Tyre, the blind man, the leper, and the little children who he blessed. I remembered the outsider, who I know to be my neighbor, who is loved by God, like Hagar and Ishmael. I remembered my time of vulnerability, and I knew for a moment what it might feel like to be that Dad just barely holding on.” Read more

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James and the God-Acts

September 6, 2015, Wellesley Chapman preaching

God sent his son into the world also a beggar for shelter and a refugee from a ruler intent on killing him. And we did not have the ability, in his time on earth, to love him enough. Captives of our own fear, we sentenced him to die. We were there when we nailed him to the cross. And if this is what we are willing to do to God, then I ask you, what will we not do to one another? Read more

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