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Breakfast on the Beach

April 10, 2016, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

For Peter, Jesus was his safety net, always there to catch him as he impetuously and impulsively flung himself off one trapeze after another. And Jesus patiently remained that net, never giving up, ever present to catch Peter in the net, to bear him up one more time. Jesus called him Peter “the rock” when things were going well and always “Simon, son of John” when he meant business, but Jesus was always there—Peter’s net that would not tear. Read more

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Chapel Organ Delivery

10:30 am (Chapel) It is a tradition among American organ builders to welcome members of the community who are the fortunate recipients of a new organ to observe the process of unloading the organ in parts. We at Epiphany Seattle will follow that tradition by welcoming the parish to the delivery Saturday, April 9, at 10:30 am. Read more

Peace Be With You

April 3, 2016, Diana Bender preaching

Change usually causes some pain. Sometimes it’s straightforward loss when a beloved dies or a grand plan is completely dashed, or a more bittersweet transition like sending a beloved child to college. But, Peace be with you! The breath of God is with us in these times of pain. If we can be present to the pain and open ourselves to the comfort of Jesus’ peace, the presence of the Holy Spirit we can get to the next step on the path. Read more

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