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We are not done with our changes

May 29, 2016, Emily Linderman preaching

The Gospel reading we hear today is a continuation from the passage Kate preached on last week from John 13–17 referred to as Jesus’ Farewell Discourse. In these chapters he’s saying a profound and deeply moving goodbye for now and letting himself and his relationships change. Read more

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Summer Concert Series 2016

Summer is the perfect time to invite local musical acts to perform in the courtyard as an informal way to gather, enjoy good music, and play in the sun. Last summer, we couldn’t do it because of construction, but this year it’s back! Read more

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Truth and Where to Find It

May 22, 2016, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

For us, for Christians, this is the one big TRUTH, and it is the same for you and for me. You are a beloved child of God and God loves you. Knowing that truth and accepting it allows you to step into the next stage of the journey, the part where the Spirit of Truth will guide you. The Spirit of Truth always guides you to belovedness – this I believe – to your own belovedness, or your child’s belovedness, or your neighbor’s belovedness. Read more

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Pentecost: Content vs Context

May 15, 2016, The Rev. Doyt. L. Conn, Jr. preaching

I don’t know much about the Holy Sprit, but I know this: that she is dynamically involved in that space between my life and God’s love, and between my life and your life, and between your life and God’s love. And there is not one person in the entire world not included in this pattern. Each person in the network of humanity has an deep, rich, significant story in every case. Read more

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EfM Information Session

6 pm (Christie House Library) If you have ever thought about participating in Education for Ministry (EfM), please come to an information session to find out more about how four years of study in scripture, theology, and church history can enrich your life and faith. Read more