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The Refining Fire of God

August 14, 2016, The Rev. Doyt L. Conn, Jr. preaching

When the world is a mess, don’t seek peace on earth; don’t double down on having it your way, because when everyone is doubling down on their own wants, needs, whims, and desires, the mess gets worse. Light the match that Micah puts before you: Look to God. Wait for God. God will respond. Read more

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Adult Forum: The Spiritual Discipline of Pilgrimage

10 am (Great Hall) Here at Epiphany, pilgrimage is one of the spiritual disciplines that we practice. Pilgrimage stands as a symbolic action of one’s deepest desire to live life in faithful pursuit of God. This forum will invite sharing of the many and varied ways we adopt this discipline for our souls under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Read more