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Where Is Your Treasure?

August 7, 2016, The Rev. Todd Foster preaching

We try to be wise investors. So how about a prospectus on the Kingdom of God?
That prospectus would need to answer four questions:
1. What is the kingdom of God?
2. Why and how would you invest in it?
3. What are the risks?
4. And what are the promised returns?
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Everybody Hour on Sundays

At 10 am on Sundays, beginning on September 11, everybody will have the opportunity to move along on the spiritual journey with formation and education activities. By “everybody,” we mean everybody from small children to our oldest member. Find out about the fall Sunday schedule here. Read more

Special Summer Forum: Kids4Peace Voices of Hope

10 am (Great Hall) Voices of Hope is a special summer forum for Epiphany, in which we will celebrate six Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers involved in the Kids4Peace Global Institute, a two-week leadership program in advocacy and social action taking place in Washington DC and Seattle. The forum will be a panel discussion with Q&A. Read more

The Foolishness of Pleonexia

July 31, 2016, the Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

The greed that is pleonexia is a disordered center or focus for your life. The foolish man suffered terribly from this. It’s happens when we buy into the culture’s myth that the accumulation of stuff belongs at the center, rather than God, love, and compassion. Read more

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