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Looking for Lazarus

September 25, 2016, The Rev. Doyt L. Conn, Jr. preaching

So I invite you to look for Lazarus. He or she is nearer than you think, and they might not look like what you expect. Their need is more likely of the soul, than of food or money or medical care. In fact in this city, it is way more likely we will find an emaciated soul than an emaciated body. So take the risk. Step more deeply into the community God has set you in. Stop at the threshold of your gate; listen to someone’s story; tell your own. Read more

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God is Surprising

September 18, 2016, The Rev. Kate Wesch preaching

Throughout the Bible, and especially in this parable, we are confronted with a God who takes our norms and expectations and tosses them upside down. Jesus praises the manager’s insane behavior and urges us to act more like him! You see, Jesus wants us to use the tools of this world, be it money, privilege, voice, opportunity, whatever it is, to flip things on their head, to build relationship, to make the earthly realm a better place for all.
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