Adult Forum: Developing the Skill of Compassionate Listening

Date: Sunday, November 13
Time: 10 am
Location: Great Hall
Presenter: Thaddeus Gunn

Learn how to transform separation and conflict into an opportunity for connection, healing, and peace through the practice of Compassionate Listening, and what this practice means in the context of our lives as Episcopalians.

Compassionate Listening is:

  • A personal practice to cultivate inner strength, self-awareness, self-regulation and wisdom
  • A skill set to enhance interpersonal relations and navigate challenging conversation
  • A method to bring individuals or groups together to bridge their differences and transform conflict
  • A healing gift to offer to a person who feels marginalized or in pain

The Five Core Practices of Compassionate Listening are:

  1. Cultivating Compassion for ourselves and others;
  2. Developing the Fair Witness by remaining open in conflict situations;
  3. Respecting Self and Others by developing boundaries which protect yet include;
  4. Listening with the Heart to allow divergence and find a deeper point of connection;
  5. Speaking from the Heart with language which reflects a healing intention.

This forum is the introduction to a 4-week class on the same topic on Sundays, November 20–December 11, in the Garden Room. Contact Thaddeus Gunn if you are interested in participating.