Adult Forum: Introduction to the Pilgrimage-in-Place

Presenters: Ann Lockhart and Holly Boone
Date: March 29 (Palm Sunday)
Time: 10:45 am
Location: Christie House Library

Pilgrimage is a journey with a spiritual focus, not just a long walk. Many of our Epiphany parishioners have been on pilgrimages to the Holy Land or to Canterbury, England. The sense of community and joy in those shared experiences is palpable among those parishioners who traveled together. This year our teens will go on a youth pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and Doyt and his family will be walking part of the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) during his sabbatical.

While our young people and Doyt and his family are on pilgrimage abroad, those of us at home will be encouraged to participate in local Epiphany pilgrimages, what we’re calling Pilgrimage-in-Place: neighborhood group walks, visits to other places of worship, and visits to our outreach partners. The goal is to go the length of the Camino together. We know that the entire Camino is 490.3 miles. For some of us, walking that far over the course of a summer is physically easy. For others, not so much. But we will keep track of the miles we walk individually and in groups to see how far Epiphany can walk as a community on a spiritual journey. Thus our walking becomes a moving prayer.

We also want to keep track of our journeys inward—sitting in meditation and growing in prayer, visiting or walking labyrinths in and around Seattle. While we count the miles walked (and, yes, walking a labyrinth will count), each of us will keep track of our own inward journey, sharing insights and growth in small groups.

The details of how we do all this are still being worked out. We’d love your input on “how to” and any ideas for local pilgrimages that we could add to the mix. Please send your ideas to Ann, and she’ll share them with the Parish Pilgrimage Team.

As events are planned, they will be posted in the Upcoming Events section of the website, as well as the Pilgrimage-in-Place page here.