Adult Forum: The Spiritual Discipline of Pilgrimage

Date: Sunday, October 16
Time: 10 am
Location: Great Hall
Presenter: George Moberly

What is it about the idea of going away from our settled lives to seek solitude, or challenge, or a “thin place” where we can experience moments of transcendence that takes hold of us and leads us to take up the discipline of pilgrimage? In one sense we are living out our own hero myth as something drives us to go away and into the unknown. We face many challenges and must overcome many obstacles. When we return home we are renewed and fundamentally changed. We are able to live more fully and deeply into our own calling and are able to better serve those around us. Through study of our faith tradition, we see many examples of this spiritual discipline: Moses goes away to the mountain. Abraham crosses the great rivers. Jesus goes out into the desert to pray. Likewise, for each of us, the form our pilgrimage discipline takes is individual but our goal is the same: real presence and intimacy with God that helps us to deepen our relationship with Him, with ourselves, and with each other.