#AdventWord Art by Trish Wallis Stone

December 1 – December 25 | On Epiphany’s social media

Throughout Advent, Epiphany will participate in a global Advent calendar called #AdventWord, with our Artist-in-Residence, Trish Wallis Stone! Here she is, in her own words:

“During the Sunday worship service, do certain words “pop out” to you? Is there something in the Old Testament or Gospel reading that makes you wonder about those ancient pathways? Is there a part of the sermon that piques a longing to dig a bit deeper into that time period?

Last year, one part of my Advent Word journey became an “armchair pilgrimage” of the heart. The travel package included Biblical maps with illustrations, and descriptions of historical places. I was intrigued by archaeological discoveries. It’s a good thing that I work in a library! The scriptures took on a deeper meaning. Then, I brought these words “home”. The artwork included special elements from sermons, favorite prayers, and lyrics from anthems and hymns.

Other Advent Word travelers took different creative paths : photographs, calligraphy, and poetry. All art expressions added a special dimension to Advent. Not only was the art inspirational, but also the community formed was motivational.

So, as your Artist-in-Residence this Advent, I invite you to get your passport ready and join me in this Advent Word journey. You could say that “No matter where you are in this creative journey, you have a place at Epiphany.”