Anglican Backgrounds: QE1 and the Middle Way

10 am in Christie House Library
Libby Goldstein

Starting with this forum presentation, Epiphany Parish will offer instruction and essential information on Anglicanism – it’s history, it’s theology, and it’s emphasis on worship traditions.

This first presentation will go back to sixteenth century England where different religious factions were literally burning each other and chopping off heads. Into this violent world arrived Queen Elizabeth I, who forged a pathway, the “Via Media,” for these warring Christians to worship together in peace.

The Elizabethan settlement sought to be an inclusive middle course between divergent religious positions in English Christianity. Much of traditional Catholic faith and practice was retained, but without submission to papal authority. Much latitude for individual conscience was allowed, but uniformity of worship was required. Faithful Christians with differing theological convictions could find a home in a comprehensive English church.