Exploring Christianity / Animate Your Faith Series 2015

January 26th, 2015

During this season of incubation at Epiphany, take the opportunity to go deeper and participate in a seven-part series that looks at basic broad components of Christianity including God, Jesus, Religion, Salvation, the Bible, the Church, and the Cross. Epiphany is offering one last opportunity to participate in this series:

Thursdays, beginning April 16
6:30–7:30 pm, taught by Emily Linderman

Cost to participate in the series is $20 to cover materials.

More about Animate:Faith
The most important questions of faith in seven weeks.

Even someone who has been going to church since infancy still asks the question “Who is God?” or “Why do we go to church?” or “Why did Jesus have to die?” These are some of the most basic and most important questions we can explore in church, and the Animate: Faith series is the perfect jumping off point for discussion.

Each week of study is focused one of these topics: God, religion, Jesus, salvation, the Cross, the Bible, and church. Prominent church leaders and Christian scholars introduce each one on a DVD animated with illustrations and stories that spark new perspectives, which are further explored in the illustrated journal that each participant gets. The idea is to engage with the foundations of our faith experientially with all five senses.

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, you are invited to join a small group and explore the basics of faith.