Annual Thanksgiving Drive

Every year Epiphany parishioners come together to donate turkeys, pies, potatoes and all the other ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner to families in YWCA housing who can’t afford the extra expense of holidays. Will you help us provide 35 Thanksgiving dinners?
Signing Up
1. Sign up your family, your small group, or another team for at least one meal.
2. Decide how many complete meals you can donate.
3. Email Sherilyn Peterson with your team name and contact information and how many meals you will provide-hopefully by November 10.
What if I can’t provide a whole meal and just want to give a turkey or other items without a team?
Not a problem this year! Thanks to our Formation Team and the youth Confirmation Class, this year you can sign up to bring individual items at the November 5 First Sunday Brunch and the youth Confirmation Class will collect those items and package them into baskets.
Donation Instructions
1. Click here to download the ingredients list.
2. With your team devise a plan for who will bring what and when and where you will assemble it.
3. Assemble it all in a large family-sized laundry basket. This makes delivery to the YWCA easier for our volunteers and ensures that meals do not get mixed up. It also provides YWCA families with a laundry basket!
4. Delivery Day is November 19. Please bring your completed basket to the Parish Hall before the 11 am service. Have someone from your team responsible for getting the basket where it needs to go and ensuring that all the contents are present. We have a very narrow window for delivery to the YWCA that day so we need everything to be ready on time.
Please contact Sherilyn Peterson at with any questions.
Happy Thanksgiving!