The Art of the Sacred

Ecumenical event featuring the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, Quilts from Sacred Threads, and Joyful Art. 

The Art of the Sacred is the first show of its kind, combing text and fiber to offer the viewer a sacred visual experience.

Hi Res Spring Quilt

Exhibit Dates and Times

Saturday, June 21, 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday, June 22, 12– 4 pm
Monday, June 23, 1 – 4 pm
Tuesday, June 24, 1 – 4 pm
Wednesday, June 25, 1 – 4 pm
Thursday, June 26, 1 – 7 pm
Friday, June 27, 1 – 4 pm
Saturday, June 28, 10 am – 3 pm


Two volumes of the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible will be on view at the Art of the Sacred: The Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) and Gospels and Acts. Commissioned by the monks of Saint John’s Abbey to mark the new millennium, The Saint John’s Bible is the first handwritten and hand illuminated Bible made in more than 500 years. Created under the artistic direction of internationally renowned calligrapher Donald Jackson, The Saint John’s Bible also includes illuminations by Vashon Island book artist Suzanne Moore. The calfskin vellum pages, illuminated with gold leaf and inscribed with 18th century ink, are a majestic two feet by three feet when open. The Bible features contemporary imagery from across the globe, including images from the Hubbell telescope, photographs of modern microbes, and multi-cultural references from around the world. Powerful in size and imagery, the Bible was created with a mission to ignite the spiritual imagination of believers everywhere. For more information about this extraordinary project, visit


Sacred Threads West is a collection of quilts with spiritual themes curated from a larger exhibit held on odd years in Washington, D.C. The six themes are Joy, Inspiration, Peace and Brotherhood, Grief, Healing, and Spirituality. The quilt artists represent all faiths and types of spiritual experience, and use fabric to convey a special connection to spirit. While each piece is a personal meditation on our sacred journey, it resonates with the human experience we all share.

The exhibit begins with images of Joy; children, nature, and the pleasures of daily life are part of this theme. Inspiration includes quilts featuring landscapes, passages and inspiration from Scripture, and depictions of people rising to meet challenges with grace and spirit. Peace and Brotherhood reflects on community, as well as more global themes of earth stewardship and world peace. Grief is the smallest, but perhaps most powerful, collection of quilts; they represent deep loss and sorrow. These quilts are followed by those found in Healing, which explore both coming to terms with loss, as well as coping with the complexities of physical, and mental, illness. The exhibit concludes with Spirituality, a collection of quilts exploring purely spiritual themes, and closes with a special large-scale quilt called “Benediction.” More information on the east coast exhibit can be found at


Joyful Art is a collection of 12” x 12” canvasses created by the youth of Epiphany Parish. The collection is based on themes of gratitude and joy, and the canvases will be hung in a grid formation reminiscent of a traditional quilt.