Bible Study with the Rector [Christie House Library]

Friday | January 31, 2020 | 10:30 am | Christie House Library

At Epiphany, we often say things like “relationship as primary” and “belonging before believing” and “wherever you are on your spiritual journey you have a place at Epiphany” and “the kingdom of heaven is right here, right now”… and the list goes on. Here is the thing: all of these sayings are derived from the Bible. In fact, when I talk about theology, I’m talking about the Bible.  It is the core document that defines the framework in which followers of Jesus live. And so, this class is not just about becoming familiar with the Bible, it is about unpacking it, and pulling it apart, and seeking out links and allusions and associations between one part of the Bible and another part of the Bible.  This Bible study is a journey into words and meaning and characters, and the context behind them. We do not rush things in this class, and furthermore, because of the slow pace and our theological orientation, you can drop in and quickly find your way, even if you haven’t been attending the class. Come be part of this Biblical quest of Christian meaning, understanding and relevance. All are welcome, with no RSVP required. Contact Doyt+ at for more information.