Building Update for March 27, 2015

March 27th, 2015

Dear Epiphany,

The latest challenge in the construction phase surrounds the bay window in the Fireside Room. We knew that the cast stone supports on the corners of the window were compromised, and had planned to repair them. As we took those corner pieces off, it became clear that the steel structure inside them was failing too. This requires us to perform a much more extensive renovation of that window. It will take several weeks to fabricate new cast stone pieces, and so it’s likely that completion of the Fireside Room will occur after Phase 1 is otherwise finished.

The Building Team is meeting with a variety of stakeholders one last time to be sure that we are meeting their design needs before sending Phase 2 out for bids. For Phase 2, most of those stakeholders are members of the Parish Staff (i.e., Liturgy Team, Music Directors, Verger) but include the Altar Guild and Sacristans too. Details of the lighting, plumbing, and electrical designs are being finalized as well.

We continue to discuss the design of the Chapel organ with Martin Pasi, a process that will continue through the summer. Recently, we had a fascinating meeting with Martin and our structural engineer to discuss how the organ is anchored to the floor; a conversation that is necessary in our seismically active location.

—Ben Bradstreet

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