Building Update for May 6, 2015

May 6th, 2015

Dear Epiphany,

Beginning on Tuesday, May 12, we will see scaffolding erected in a couple of different locations around campus. In one instance, there will be scaffolding put up around the exterior of the Chapel in order to perform some inspection and repair work. You will also see scaffolding in the Church balcony, which will allow the electrical contractor to take down a couple of the ceiling lights for investigation and planning purposes. The exterior Chapel scaffolding will remain in place for a few months, staying up even after we reoccupy the Parish Hall in August. Please know that all sidewalks and building entrances will be open, safe, and accessible while the scaffolding is in place.

—Ben Bradstreet

The Next 100 Years Building Team
Ed Emerson, Laura Blackmore, Bob Barnes, Jim Marlow, Ben Bradstreet
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