Cabaret and Retirement Party for Carmen Shupe

Sunday | May 26 | 7:00 pm | Great Hall

Carmen and Bob Shupe

For 30 years, Carmen’s professional home has been on the campus of Epiphany Parish.  She is retiring this summer and she and her husband Bob are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. To Carmen, “Epiphany has been more than a workplace, it has been our spiritual home and community as well.  We would love to invite you to join us to celebrate our big transition.” It’s a little different way to say “goodbye.” As a therapist helping people with transitions, Carmen always looks for rituals to ease the transition from one season of life to the next.  Part of this practice is looking at the whole of the person’s life experience and taking parts of the past and bringing them forward into the future. In her past, Carmen was a theater major who loved to sing and perform. As this chapter of her life closes, she has chosen to blend her experience as a therapist into a cabaret entitled, The Mad, the Sad and the Very, Very Bad!!!

Food and entertainment provided. Please bring a bottle of something to share! RSVP to Carmen at