Care for your Soul during COVID-19

During this anxious time, Epiphany is weaving a tapestry of care to fight isolation and keep us in community in new and creative ways. Check this page regularly, as we update this list. If you feel called to help out, please contact each project leader:

  • Epiphany’s Service & Outreach Team has been hard at work mapping out community needs in this difficult time. Click here to read their latest All-Parish update for more details about how you can help. For a list of much needed in-kind donations, click here.

100% of your general Sunday offering goes to COVID-19 relief and outreach. Learn about how you can give at this link.

  • Members of Epiphany have launched a 3D-printing operation to meet the demand for more medical masks. They are operating out of the Great Hall. Click here to read an article about this initiative.