Choral Evensong and Annual Have a Heart Fundraiser

Date: Sunday, February 12
Time: 5 pm Choral Evensong – 6-8:30 pm Have a Heart
Location: Church and Great Hall

Worship with us at Choral Evensong in the Church at 5 pm and then come to the Have a Heart party in the Great Hall. No tickets this year; just show up after the service! Food and drinks are complimentary. Child care is available for the evening from 4-8:30 pm, and a children’s program is planned during Have a Heart.

Have a Heart 2017 FAQs

What the heck is Have a Heart? Have a Heart is Epiphany’s big parish party to raise money for our Service and Outreach ministries. We call it “Have a Heart” because it usually falls on the Sunday just before Valentine’s Day. (FYI: Alice Foreman coined the name; we did not steal it from a certain local marijuana dispensary.)

Why do you need to raise money?  The parish budget includes only a small amount for our longstanding Teen Feed meal program and a few other expenses. Your gifts at Have a Heart provide financial help to several nonprofit organizations that work to relieve suffering close to home and far away. You can learn more about these organizations on the Service and Outreach page of Epiphany’s website.

When and where is it?  Choral Evensong begins at 5:00 pm in the Church and the party starts immediately afterward at 6:00 in the Great Hall and other lovely spaces on the campus.

Do I have to buy a ticket or RSVP?  Nope! Just show up. Food and drink are complimentary and you won’t leave hungry. All we ask is that you wear a name tag for the evening. We’re serious—no free drinks without a name tag!

What about my children?  Child care is available during Evensong and a children’s program is planned during Have a Heart.

Who can answer my other questions about Have a Heart?  Contact Holly Boone at, or call 206-324-8954.


Relationship Really is Primary—and Makes for Smart Giving

When Hurricane Matthew swept devastation and suffering across Haiti this past fall, Epiphany Parish was in a blessed position to offer immediate help. Your generous donations at last February’s Have a Heart parish fundraiser allowed us to dash off a check for $5000 to Father Joseph Constant’s Haiti Micah Project. Haiti Micah’s facilities and staff in Miralebais, Haiti—an orphanage, technical training school, and feeding program—were ready to respond to the influx of storm refugees in the most effective manner possible. No NGO middleman delayed or misdirected Epiphany’s gift, and our dollars, as you can imagine, stretched very far.

Earlier that spring, Princess Basma Hospital for Disabled Children in East Jerusalem faced a different crisis. To receive the necessary licensing renewal from the authorities, they needed immediate upgrades to their kitchen. Through our association with the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ), which helps support Anglican health and educational institutions all over the Middle East, Epiphany was able to send $10,000 on short notice to help fund the necessary work. Epiphany pilgrims toured the hospital when we were in Jerusalem last February and learned first-hand of its incalculably vital work among disabled Palestinian children and adults in the West Bank. The hospital will continue to be a stop for future Epiphany pilgrims to the Holy Land.

At the end of the year, our Service & Outreach accounts had enough to make one final gift of $1500. Through our contacts at Wellspring Family Services, we knew those funds could be put to good use in their Early Learning Center.

Stories like these prove the value of our close relationships with the several local and international nonprofit organizations whose vital work this parish supports. As Doyt said in a recent Sunday morning forum, our offerings of prayers, time and money for this work are an outgrowth of our worship of God and discipleship of Jesus. And as everyone in the world of philanthropy can tell us, assistance we offer others is more meaningful and effective if we live in relationship with them.

Soon you will be receiving your invitation to the Have a Heart party on February 12. We invite you to come at 5:00 pm and first worship God at the beautiful Evensong service Tom and the Epiphany Choir invariably offer up. Then saunter into the Great Hall and enjoy the food, drink and good conversation. (It’s all free—no tickets necessary!) Look around and learn about Epiphany’s relationships with our nonprofit partners. Learn how much you can matter in so many ways to so many people here in Seattle and around the world.

We hope to see you there.

Epiphany’s Service & Outreach Team