YWCA Giving Tree and Adopt-a-Family Drives

November 23rd, 2015

Please help make the holidays brighter for families living in YWCA housing by participating in the annual Giving Tree Drive! There are two ways to give: Adopt-a-Family and the Giving Tree. The trees in the Great Hall have one set of ornaments with instructions for Adopt-a-Family and one set for the specific gifts needed for the YWCA Giving Tree.

What Is Adopt-a-Family?
Provide a family with a $50 grocery store card, so they can buy and make a holiday meal, and two presents (approx. $35 each) per child. Half of the families have one child and half have two. The Adopt-a-Family ornaments on the trees have instructions about how to adopt a family, but you don’t need to take an ornament to sign up for a family.

adopt-a-family Instructions

  1. Adopt one or more of these families by emailing Sherilyn Peterson and indicating a preference for one- or two-child families. She already has family assignments waiting for you.
  2. Bring the WRAPPED gifts and the grocery card to the Fireside Room by the beginning of the 11 am service on Sunday, December 13.

You do not need to take an ornament to obtain a family—just email Sherilyn. As with the Thanksgiving baskets, if adopting a family is more than you can take on yourself, consider teaming up with other parishioners to adopt a family together!

YWCA Giving Tree
Choose one of 75 ornaments on the Giving Tree, each one specifying one gift for a child or teenager that has recently moved into YWCA housing and is not part of the Adopt-a-Family program yet. These gifts need to be delivered UNWRAPPED to the Fireside Room by the start of the 11 am service on Sunday, December 13. Case workers choose from among these gifts to give to these newer families.

The gifts, both wrapped and unwrapped, will be transported to the YWCA on December 13.

Thank you all for your generosity!