Ben Bradstreet, Facilities Manager

epiphany-portraits-002-mBen’s first church memory is celebrating Christmas at the age of four in the newly renovated worship space in his father’s church, and his first job was custodian in his father’s next church. He’s beginning to wonder if his previous work as teacher, appraisal manager, drum seller, cook, greenskeeper, actor, book seller, contract mouse clicker, and newspaper deliverer, were all simply futile attempts to dodge his destiny – i.e., working on, and in, church buildings.

Ben thinks of himself as being from Ohio, but spent several years in Arizona before moving to Seattle in 2010. He has been married to Charissa since 2013, and they live in the Central District.

In his life at Epiphany, Ben serves as lector, sacristan, forum presenter, and he leads the Senior Minyan.


  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Maintenance