Kathea Yarnell, Music Associate Choristers

Kathea - 2012Kathea Yarnell is the Music Associate responsible for directing our Trainer and Chorister choirs this Fall. If you’ve been to church even once in the past four years you are familiar with Kathea. She is the fabulous Mezzo-soprano section leader, cantor and soloist in the Epiphany choir.

Kathea attended the University of Washington where she earned her BA & BM in Music Education with an emphasis in Choral Music. At UW she sang with the Chamber Singers and Opera Chorus and studied voice. After graduating from the University, Kathea taught in the Lake Washington school district teaching general music, orchestra and choir. She then moved to the Kent school district for her ideal job, teaching junior high orchestra and choir.

Kathea left teaching in public schools when she and her husband decided to start their family.  With this change she began privately teaching voice and beginning piano lessons and soon thereafter she came to Epiphany Parish.

Kathea is native to the Seattle area and has been involved in music virtually since birth. While she took piano lessons for many years and double bass in school, singing in church and school was standard from her earliest years. But it wasn’t until an unexpected meeting with the new high school choir teacher, who saw her potential, that she considered herself a singer. Kathea knows the blessing of good mentorship and encouragement, and will be able to nurture the spiritual formation of our young people around the gift of Choral music.

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