Peter Snow, Assisting Priest

Peter SnowPeter Snow grew up in England during Word War II. As a member of St. John’s College, Cambridge, he studied academic theology and graduated with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in that subject. He was ordained a priest of the Church of England in Birmingham, where he served as a parish priest. The Rev. Snow moved to the United States with his family in 1967 and has subsequently served churches in Santa Barbara, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and in Redmond and Mukilteo, Washington. While in southern California he experienced the full force of the cultural revolution during the early ’70s and subsequently helped develop alcohol treatment programs, battered women’s protection and assistance programs, and post-traumatic stress studies. He also worked on minority youth issues and youth ministries. Insights gained from these activities, along with a lifetime of immersion in the study of the historic Jesus and his ministry, came together to illuminate his book Jesus: Man, Not Myth. In introducing people to a believable Jesus of Nazareth, he has always sought to create a path for people to find their own way to faith.

He lives with his wife in the Epiphany neighborhood.

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