Close Encounters of the God Kind

50th Anniversary of Father Peter Snow’s Ordination

Presenter: Fr. Peter Snow
Date: Sunday, May 25
Time: 9:15-10:15 am
Location: Great Hall

In this session I revisit some of the more profound moments during my fifty years of the ordained ministry. These were confrontations, knock-down drag-out fights,  moments of clarity, intense sense of awe, deep thankfulness, as well as painful questioning and doubt.

To believe or not believe, that is the question any person of the 21st century has to decide. If the decision is to believe, then it will signal the beginning of a lifetime of search, discovery, doubt, finding and growth. Far more important than answering a person’s questions about the world, the willingness to believe permits the divine to work in that person a new creation that could not happen without the initial invitation.