Dates: Fridays in Lent – Feb 15 – March 22
Time: 6-7 pm
Location: Church

“Every Friday in Jerusalem, Franciscan monks take groups of pilgrims down the Via Dolorosa, the road Christ may have walked on his way to the cross.  Stopping at each of fourteen locations that mark events in the final days of Christ’s life, the pilgrims recall the Passion story and offer prayers for the world.”

from A Walk in Jerusalem by John Peterson

Using John Peterson’s A Walk in Jerusalem as a guide, we will join with Jesus in his Passion every Friday in Lent.  Offering a contemplative experience as we sit with icons of the Passion and walk with Jesus in our minds, this service features scripture, guided meditation and prayers that apply the Passion narrative to today’s world.

Those who have been to Jerusalem before and those going on the next Pilgrimage are especially encouraged to attend this hour-long service.