Eliot, Stegner and Berry: On Matters of Simplicity

10 am in the Great Hall
Kari Glover

If we see ourselves as stewards of the earth appointed by God, are we not called to act to preserve the earth’s beauty and livability? Research confirms that the correlation between wealth and growth in production (the sine qua non of economic “success”), on the one hand, and planetary health (including human spiritual and physical health) on the other, breaks down when growth and production exceed the elusive point of “enough.” God’s earthly creation is fashioned in exquisite balance, but it can be (and has been) disrupted by unbalanced human behavior.

In this session, we will explore how some modern writers have reflected on these profound issues – in poetry, essay, drama and literary fiction. The works of these writers are beautifully rendered – and hard-hitting and heart breaking as truth often can be.