Enduring Grace/Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics

Thursday evenings, Sept. 19 – Nov. 7, 2019

5:30 – 7:00 pm | Christie House Library

Moderated by Susan Pitchford and Robin Mondares

On October 17, we will discuss the life of Catherine of Siena. All are welcome at any point in the series.

Catherine of Siena: Being one of twenty five children (it’s been suggested the Church canonized the wrong woman in this family) was only the first of many extraordinary things about Catherine of Siena. She was a child visionary, a spiritual prodigy who later would experience such a profound sense of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist that she created a lot of disturbing drama for those around her. She spent a significant chunk of her youth in virtual seclusion, but emerged to carry out a very public ministry that ranged from caring for plague victims to ordering the pope back to Rome.

Catherine was a woman of paradoxes: she fasted to extremes while feeding the poor. She experienced the mystical marriage to Christ and she promoted reform of the clergy. She brokered peace in Florence and called for a crusade. Catherine was truly one of the Church’s oddballs, a woman who took both the contemplative and active vocations and lived them to the utmost. She died at thirty three, but in that short lifespan, she packed a lot of living.”