Eucharistic Visitor Training

Loving others and sharing your presence are the very heart of the work done by Eucharistic Visitors. Going out in pairs (2×2), Eucharistic Visitors take relationship and the Lord’s Supper to share with others who couldn’t be in church. Many Eucharistic Visitors focus their ministry on the retirement community at Parkshore once every 2-3 months, but others minister more widely. If we are to continue this good work, we need your participation. Please come to a training for Eucharistic Visitors on Wednesday, 10 May, at 6pm, in the Fireside Room. We will enjoy a potluck meal together and talk about the things Eucharistic Visitors need to know. There is no obligation: bring your curiosity and find out what we do! If you have questions, please speak to Vicki Reed or Todd Foster at