Date: Sunday, February 8
Time: 5–6 pm
Location: Church

Evensong is the most particularly Anglican service in all of Christian worship. Originating from the monastic hours, it consists of the distinctive parts of the ancient office of Vespers and Compline—the Magnificat, the canticle appointed for Vespers, the Nunc Dimittis for Compline. The choir traditionally offers certain portions so that our devotions may be enhanced by music, while the congregation joins in the hymns, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer.

During the last century, Evensong as a service has emerged as a liturgy of rare and mystical beauty in which the Word is illuminated by music. Evensong is sung regularly in cathedrals and parish churches throughout the country, and daily in many places in England.

Join Epiphany Choir for this service of rare and mystical beauty followed by Have a Heart—Epiphany’s Annual Outreach Fundraising Event with appetizers, a silent auction, wine, and a raffle.