Epiphany Winter Discernment Class and Group

Finding those places of more Joy and more Love

Facilitator: Diana Bender
Date: Sunday, January 20 & February 3 – March 20
Time: 5-7 pm
Location: St Marks Cathedral – 1245 Tenth Ave East

Feeling a stirring of something new emerging in your life? Or a perhaps just a yearning or a sense that something is missing? Finding those places of more Joy and more Love (i.e., where God is present) can lead to a much richer and more meaningful life journey.  Diana Bender will be teaching a class on Discernment on
January 20th, which is open to all, then lead a seven week Winter discernment group series which will take place Feb 3rd-March 24th.  If you want to join the group, please attend the class if you have not taken an Ignatian discernment class before. Attending the class is not a commitment to joining the group!

In the group, we will work through a process of learning to listen to that still, quiet, voice inside that will lead us to the place where our greatest joy meets the world’s greatest needs.  This group will be especially helpful for those considering a new job, career, relationship, or big life transition.  Perhaps you haven’t quite reached any of these points but feel as if you could invite God more fully in to your decision-making on all sorts of things.  This group will help.  Questions or to register for either the class or the group, please email or call Diana Bender.