Family Caregiving Near and Far, Part 3

Presenter: Kathryn Barrett, RN, Parish Nurse
Date: December 14
Time: 9:15 am
Location: Christie House Library

Do you provide care to an elder (or a friend) who is struggling with dementia or other chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, or mental health issues? Are you concerned about a family member who is in decline and who seems to be in denial about it? In small group discussion and case study presentation, we’ll explore the challenges and rewards of providing on-going care, whether those needing care are far from us or nearer to home. Our focus will be on providing nourishment to the mind, and the body, and the spirit … both for our beloved and also for ourselves. Parishioners interested in knowing more about strategies and approaches for assisting those with age-related issues or chronic health concerns are invited to participate, as are those experienced in being a family caregiver. Possible conversation points include effective communication, safety assessments, community resources and the continuum of care, sibling relationships, decision making, and long-term care planning. Other topic areas to be determined by participants; participant needs will guide this group.