+Table: An Epiphany Dinner Group

You are invited to join other parishioners for planned potluck meals in homes or other communal locations. Each group will be limited to eight (or so) adults (singles, couples and families), meeting approximately once a month. These fellowship groups provide an informal setting for members to become acquainted, sharing their background and experience, and developing enduring relationships. Families with children will be matched with other such families.

Everyone generally hosts a meal. The group ends when each person or couple has hosted once. If you prefer not to host or be assigned to a group, but wish to be included occasionally please sign up as a substitute.

Please contact Laura Sargent with any questions or to sign up.


Arrange for the first shared meal of the group and serve as that meal’s host. Occasionally, someone will not be able to join the group due to other commitments. Please do not delay that first meal until everyone can make the same date—the group may never meet. Do the best you can date-wise and enjoy the company of those who can join you. Please note the Duties of a Meal Host below.


The person volunteering “to host” each planned meal ensures that all members of the group are notified of the meal’s place, date and time; as well as soliciting input from the other participants on what they’d like to bring. Maintain a list of what each member will bring and remind them about a week before the meal to minimize confusion. This is also a good time to remind folks to bring their calendars to the meal. If the anticipated attendees do not comprise a full dinner group (whatever number your dining area can accommodate), please invite additional folks to fill-out the meal in your home. This is a good way to introduce folks to +TABLE. Contact the parish office for possible substitutes. Begin the meal with a prayer. At the conclusion of the meal, while the group is together, ensure the members agree upon the date, time and place for the next group meal.