There are many places to give our money, and there are many reasons to give our money. Epiphany is a church, and our role in society has not changed since time immemorial. Religious institutions have acted as places people go to step into the holy and give thanks to a life force greater than themselves. Over time, God as God came into focus, and the rhythms of thanksgiving took on a pattern set by the broader society. These norms of thanksgiving supported the individual’s desire to give while simultaneously freeing them from the idiosyncratic, individualist way of doing this.

And so giving to the church becomes first and foremost an act of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for life, for beauty, for community, for the rhythms of creation, for the very air we breathe, for life and death, and beyond that for our eternal souls. Giving to a church is not about bang for the buck, it is about support for wholeness in a broken world; it is about community in a culture trending more and more toward isolation; it is about a peace that surpasses understanding; it is about the pursuit of joy outside the bounds of material expectations.

DonationTo give to Epiphany is to say, “This is where I am setting up camp,” “this is where I belong,” “this is where I am going to be in community on my spiritual journey.” The money given to Epiphany is used to uphold the sanctity of its holy grounds; to support the leadership of those who preach, teach, pastor, and administer the church; to support authentic relationship; to serve the under-served; and to call out the blessedness of all those we meet along the way.

Whether you attend Epiphany on a regular basis or simply follow us from afar, please know that your contribution to our common life is greatly appreciated, and that your gift supports the spiritual heritage we hold in trust, even as we teach the generations who follow us how to do the same.

Here are the different ways to give financial support to Epiphany:

  • Annual Giving: Giving annually, or pledging, is an integral part of our stewardship of God’s gifts and life in our parish. For people who would like to give once or regularly, but would rather not pay online, you can let us know by filling out pledge form, available at the parish.
    • Listen below to Zach Miller’s 2019 Annual Giving Appeal: