Holyland Pilgrimage Planning Meeting

12:15 to 1:30 pm in the Fireside Room – Epiphany has begun planning our next pilgrimage to the Holy Land! The dates of the trip are December 27, 2017 – January 9, 2018 which coincides with Orthodox Christmas. It includes three nights in Nazareth and 8 nights in Jerusalem. We are holding an information session for those who are seriously considering joining this pilgrimage. At that time we will talk about what to expect as part of a pilgrimage and how participants can prepare and contribute to a rich shared experience. Additionally, we will review the itinerary, associated costs and payment schedule, and discuss details that need to be arranged prior to departure. You don’t have to commit to the pilgrimage during the meeting, but we will provide registration paperwork so that you can register as soon as you have made a decision. During Sundays in May, Charissa Bradstreet will be available at an information table during the Everybody Hour to answer questions and to collect names of people who are curious. If you would like to join this pilgrimage, please try to prioritize the information session on May 21. Thank you!