Introduction to Discernment – Part 2

Presenter:        Diana Bender
Date:              Sundays, November 11 and 18
Time:               9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
Location:         Christie House Library

Are you considering a change in your life? A new career?  A baby? Retirement? Or perhaps you just have a yearning or a sense that something is missing or could be better in your life or work? There are so many ways to make decisions (and so many choices facing us!). Sifting through and deciding what to do can be daunting. The idea of “following God’s will” can seem old fashioned,  yet aren’t there times when things just feel right or when doors just seem to open? Is that God speaking?

Join us to learn about the theory and practice of Discernment. We’ll consider ways to invite God more deeply into our lives and decisions, and how to align our spiritual, life, and career paths.

Week 2: Ignatian Discernment.  St Ignatius taught that the use of imagination and the understanding of our reactions to daily experiences as tools to help us with discernment. His methods are very practical and appropriate for both daily life and big decisions. We’ll review Ignatian spirituality and try an Ignatian exercise.