Islamic Perspectives On Creation

10 am in the Great Hall
Ali Altaf Mian
(Asst Prof Islamic Studies, Seattle University)

Pope Francis’s 2015 Laudato Si, makes clear that religious traditions can contribute positively toward climate change. Francis importantly links the current ecological crisis with the socio-economic exploitation of the world’s poor. He also encourages us to cultivate a spiritual relationship with nature, to reduce our carbon footprint, and to enact policy changes that will protect our common planet. We also find an affirmation of these values in Muslim thought and practice, especially in Islamic theology, Sufi spirituality, and the Muslim legal tradition.

This presentation will explore the resources available in the Muslim tradition for thinking and acting responsibly toward the planet. Key Qur’anic themes that will be covered include: stewardship (khilafah), responsibility (amanah), contemplation (tafakkur) and justice (‘adl/qist)