Epiphany seeks to be a little seminary, where people come together to consider God and their relationship with God. Education at Epiphany focuses on two areas: study and practice. We study Jesus and the bible as a way of illuminating the kingdom of God and the Good News that Jesus reveals to us. This course work is not dissimilar to what we experienced in our formative educations. We read books, analyze texts, and at times give presentations and write papers. The difference in the study life of people seeking God is that our hope is to know God, not just know more about God.

One of the remarkable things about a life in pursuit of God through study is that the stories we come to know meet us in different ways at different times in life. In addition, when we study with people whom we have come to know over time, the feedback and conversation gives even more depth and insight to the words put before us in scripture. To study in community is a holy conversation with regular guest visits by the Holy Spirit.

In addition to study, we practice spiritual disciplines as a way of forming our character to be the noble soul God intends it to be. Study and practice in community are the actions of formation that we pursue as a way of enlivening and enlightening our souls.