The Epiphany Minyan

The word “Minyan” in Hebrew means “to count,” referring to the quorum of Jewish adults required for daily prayers. At Epiphany we have adopted this concept and applied it to our common study life. Minyans at Epiphany are groups that gather on a regular basis to study the Kingdom of God. Each Minyan has a leader assigned to gather the group, open with Hour by Hour prayers, and then guide the group into conversation and reflection on a given text or spiritual discipline.

Current Minyans

The Divine Conspiracy Minyan (with the Rev. Doyt Conn and the Rev. Todd Foster)

Sundays until November 20 at 10 am (Christie House Library)
The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard is a book that has significantly influenced teaching and preaching at Epiphany. This tome is the seminal piece of theology that has invigorated the church. Not only has it inspired Epiphany’s leadership, but it has inspired many of the most popular and effective preachers and teachers in Christianity today, including Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Shane Hipps, Phyllis Tickle, and others. Join in the study of this book as a way of opening your mind to the life and teaching of Jesus. To register for the class, please email the Rev. Doyt Conn.

Senior Minyan (with Ben Bradstreet)

Tuesdays at 7:15 am (Christie House Library)
This is a highly participatory course for those interested in engaging in a serious conversation about faith. The prerequisite for this course is a prior completion of The Divine Conspiracy Minyan. Contact Ben Bradstreet if you would like to participate.

Christian Worldviews Minyan (with Steve Clemons and John Cary)

Tuesdays until November 29 at 7–8:30 pm (Christie House Library)
Join us this fall in a small group studying the life of Jesus and the central role of the Kingdom of God in his teachings. We will work through N. T. Wright’s online course Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters. Six of us tried out the course last spring and found that Wright is an exceptional writer and a wonderful speaker. We recommended that a small group be formed for closer study. Our approach will be to read several chapters of the book, Simply Jesus, and watch related sections of the video on our own. We will devote the evening meetings to discussion of what we have read and watched. Although the pace of the course will depend on the wishes of the group, we expect to complete Simply Jesus in six to eight weeks. We will use the remainder of the time for another work, perhaps John Ortberg’s Soul Keeping, Caring for the Most Important Part of You. Please contact Steve Clemons or John Cary if you would like to join the group or have questions.

C.S. Lewis Minyan (with Jonathan Roberts)

Thursdays, beginning September 22, at 8:30 am (Christie House Library)
Discuss the works of theologian and author C.S. Lewis, as well as other “Inklings,” with our resident Lewis enthusiast Jonathan Roberts. We read a different book for each season. Contact Jonathan if you would like to participate.