The Epiphany Minyan

The word “Minyan” in Hebrew means “to count,” referring to the quorum of Jewish adults required for daily prayers. At Epiphany we have adopted this concept and applied it to our common study life. Minyans at Epiphany are groups that gather on a regular basis to study the Kingdom of God. Each Minyan has a leader assigned to gather the group, open with Hour by Hour prayers, and then guide the group into conversation and reflection on a given text or spiritual discipline.

Current Minyans

Book Study Minyan (with Sue Draper)

Thursdays at 1 pm (Christie House Library)
All are welcome to the minyan, which discusses books chosen by the group that deal with our spiritual journey. Contact Sue with questions.

C.S. Lewis Minyan (with Jonathan Roberts)

Thursdays, at 8:30 am (Christie House Library)
Discuss the works of theologian and author C.S. Lewis, as well as other “Inklings,” with our resident Lewis enthusiast Jonathan Roberts. We read a different book for each season. Contact Jonathan if you would like to participate.

Bible Study with the Rector

Fridays at 10.30 am (Christie House Library) 

Biblical literacy is a core tenet of a Christian lifestyle. Biblicism pervades everything we do at Epiphany – from the readings during the service, to scriptures that frame a sermon or even when we pray the Lord’s Prayer. Come study the Bible in a methodical way that will enable the skills a Christian needs to observe, interpret and apply the text. This is an in-depth, on-going series focused on learning and discussion that leads to understanding the Word. Contact Steve Clemons for more information at