Sunday Adult Forums

The Sunday Forum program provides educational opportunities for adults almost every Sunday. There are typically multiple offerings on a range of topics, with leadership from the clergy, parishioners, and outside speakers. Some presentations are one week only while others extend in a series across many weeks.

The Sunday morning offerings of Adult Forums are intended to aid spiritual transformation—wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Transformation is a matter of training more than trying. The speakers, workshops, and classes are designed not only to impart knowledge, but also to share tools, practices, and disciplines for better living. Our program includes: introductory classes on great Christian thinkers, saints, and mystics; Bible study; guest speakers sharing their experience in other Wisdom Traditions; and training in the practical ways to soften our hearts, turn the other cheek, listen for the voice of God, build loving relationships, and life a joy-filled life.

These offerings are available to everyone, and prior registration is never required. We hope you will join us for a vibrant time of the week.